Book Style: The Parasol Protectorate






For the Parasol Protectorate series I was challenged to match the very strong color palettes of the five books. In truth, the covers were what drew me to the books in the first place, I love when something appeals to me inside and out! I made sure to include an umbrella with every outfit as an homage to Alexia's omnipresent and well-armed parasol.
  1. Soulless: I went for a modernistic, steampunk-inspired evening outfit. That skirt is perfection. Can I rock a bustle in the bookstore?
  2. Changeless: Fun with patterns. And do you see those shoes?
  3. Blameless: Sophisticated schoolgirl charm. Alexia would definitely approve of that laser-cut umbrella.
  4. Heartless: This is a great office-friendly summer outfit. Take note of the wolf bracelet. Lady Maccon must represent.
  5. Timeless: I could totally see Dita von Teese in this marigold sheath dress. Totally chic and timeless.

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