2013: A Year In Books

The year's over already. It was a big year all around. Big moves in location and in career. My first year as a bookseller meant that I had a legit excuse to keep my nose in a book, and despite what my friend Kenny claims, I swear these numbers are correct. (For the record, he claims I read way more, not less.)

Quick Facts:

  • Total number of books read: 109
  • Month I read the least: January
  • Month I read the most: September
  • Poetry books read: 4
  • Short story collections read: 6
  • Picture books read: 4 (That are worth counting, at least)
  • Kids' (beginner & middle grade) books read: 14
  • YA books read: 34
  • Mystery/thrillers read: 11
  • Graphica read: 1
  • Non-fiction read: 9
  • Memoir read: 4
  • Top three books of the year: Bad Unicorn, The Snow Child, Perfect Ruin
  • Worst books of the year: The Resurrectionist & Asylum
  • Most painful cliffhanger of the year: Perfect Ruin
  • Number of series started: 18
  • Number of series completed: 2
  • Book I thought I hated but I actually wound up loving: If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
  • Number of started, but currently unfinished books this year: 18
After the jump, you can see a month-by-month guide to all the books I read in 2013 (with links to any reviews I may have done for them).


Book Style: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Kids

Merry Christmas! In today's Book Style I went with the ultimate Christmas tale: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. On top we have a cozy, grownup outfit based of off this gorgeous version illustrated by P. J. Lynch. As much as I love bright colors, this neutral palette is just as cozy as the alternative featured below with two fun and bright kids outfits based off of the BabyLit color primer version of A Christmas Carol by Jennifer Adams.


Link Love: 12.07.13

[image found here]


Book Style: War And Peace

War & Peace

I've been holding onto this Book Style featuring War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy for a bit, waiting for Winter and whatnot. The sunset colors may seem summery, but they add a welcome splash to dark winter days when applied to cold weather style. A Russian fur trapper hat to honor Mr. Tolstoy's heritage and there we go.