2016: A Year In Books

2016 was, in general, a giant dumpster fire of a year and, quite honestly, not my personal greatest year, either. That being said, I am finally reading again. Not quite back up to my old numbers but I did surpass my goal of 30 books this year by reading 39 titles total - totalling 11872 pages! And I don't feel the need to justify some of them being graphica. Huge progress for me. After the jump is a rundown of my 2016 in books:


Book Style: The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is this year's holiday Book Style. The classic poem by Clement C. Moore has been adapted more times and ways that I can count. This Little Golden Book edition is part of my childhood. This is 100% a Christmas Day outfit: Cozy, fun, and festive.

Start off with a pair of reindeer and snowflake leggings and a graphic St. Nick tee. Toss on a warm reindeer cardigan to cuddle up in with your cup of nog. I adore these chimney socks and I really enjoy the idea of celebrating the famously quiet mouse  -"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" - with these mousey slip on shoes. I literally live in beanies, indoors and out, this time of year and this "Sugar Plum" beanie seems perfect to me. Adorn yourself with a Christmas tree watch, Santa necklace, reindeer earrings, a holly ring, and a gift bow ring. Now enjoy your holiday! 


Book Style: The Visitors

The Visitors

I fell in love really hard with this book. The Visitors by Simon Sylvester is magical, haunting, beautiful, angsty, and dreamy. Really all of my favorite adjectives. This is one of those rare books where I was as, if not more, fascinated by the characters and their development as I was into the plot. The story follows Flora, in her final year of school, itching to escape her stifling island life on (the fictional island) Bancree. Flora's prediction of a boring final year is interrupted by two mysteries: a unexpected new neighbor and the disappearances of some local men. Her tentative investigations overlap with a writing assignment on local mythology - her chosen subject is selkies. As she bonds with the new neighbor, Ailsa, the story dips and twists into a fatastically unexpected conclusion.

I went for a Flo-ish outfit with this Book Style. I had to find a red skirt, to represent the one Ailsa gifts to Flo. I paired it with a "Storyteller" bralette (which features a print reminiscent of a bandana) and a "Flora" tank. Fish print tights and "Ailsa" boots take care of the lower half. A plaid cardigan is a nod towards the traditional plaids of the Scottish setting and will keep you warm on the blustery Scottish coast. I had to include something from Song of the Sea because of the selkie connection and found an adorable backpack that Flo would've found perfect for carrying her collected notes in. The jewelry includes a driftwood necklace, a "Flora" bracelet, a whisky quartz ring, and a set of "Hope" earrings.

If you're looking for your next read and want something transportive with a touch of magical realism, please give this one a shot.