Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Fairy Tales & Mythologies

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Fairy Tales
For the Fairy Tale fan!

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Greek Myths
For the Greek Mythology nerd *cough* me *cough*!

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Egyptian Myths
Know someone who loves the myths of ancient Egypt?

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 - Cthulhu Mythos
For the newest student at Miskatonic U!
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Christmahanukwanzakah is my favorite time of year. One of the best parts for me is finding the perfect gift for everyone! I adore themed gifts as well. Know an amateur bartender? How about pairing a book on whiskey and a set of tumblers or whiskey stones! Architecture fanatic on your list? Try a book on Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture paired with tickets to tour Falling Water (Bonus points if you make a whole day out of it with the lucky recipient)! Know someone who's an absolute nerd about mythologies and fairy tales? Why not give them a gorgeous book on their favorite mythology/folklore paired with some great gifts that fit the same theme? As someone who fits firmly in that last category, I can tell you that this would be a homerun kind of present. Check out the four gift boards I put together for Grimm's Fairy Tales, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, and the Cthulhu Mythos. I would have loved to pull in more mythologies for this and maybe next year I'll give myself enough time to accomplish that goal. (It takes time to hunt this stuff down, y'all.) Click on the images for product details!


Book Style: The Master And Margarita

Master And Margarita

This Book Style is dedicated to my friend Anton, who is incredibly only slightly obsessed with The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (Михаи́л Афана́сьевич Булга́ков). Dearest Anton, maybe one day I'll be able to read it in Russian like you do!

Let's start with the cat-printed dress. which is a great echo of the Penguin cover art. And, no, I'm not partial to Behemoth just because he's a cat; I love his unparalleled sarcasm as well. You can choose to wear this "Hella" blouse - for the witch Hella - under or over the dress. (Personally, I like it layered underneath for a prim, schoolgirl vibe). On the legs we've got some tights featuring the Moscow Metro lines, because the novel is set partially in Moscow. Slip into these "Devil Lady" red flats and your outfit is complete! The Devil, incidentally, is a character in the book - pretty sure Anton and I both love books featuring authors interpretations of hell, the devil, or the (often avoided) apocalypse. 

Now onto accessories. A "New Q Natasha" purse, for Margarita's maid Natasha, matches the turquoise of the cat's eyes. A multi-colored "Margarita" bracelet blings up your wrist while a fang ring - for Azazello - adds sparkle to your hands! The two elements I pulled from the Jerusalem-set portion of the story are the cross earrings and the "Levi" necklace!


I'm (kind of, maybe, not really) Famous!

Apparently during my long hiatus from reading, creating, writing, blogging, and basically anything else that wasn't part of my actual day job, I got some amazingly awesome press from, not one, but two stellar publications!

Paste Magazine feature Book Style back at the end of July - right around the time my brain decided a vacation was no longer optional. I was absolutely floored when I heard about it and am still beyond words about how flattering and surreal I find this all. Check out the article and slideshow here.

Then towards the end of September, Mental Floss also gave Book Style a write up! Again, so crazy surreal for me and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that anyone besides for my direct family likes what I do. To me it's a fun hobby that has turned out to be marginally lucrative. So thank you to everyone who's been here since the beginning and clicks on my links! Check out the Mental Floss article here.


Book Style: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Happy Holidays!

I've been away taking time for myself these past few months. Much needed mental decompression following a tough spring and a busy summer. In anticipation of my more comprehensive return to creating and blogging, enjoy a Grinchtastic Book Style!