Link Love: 06.10.13

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FYI - Guinness recently became acquainted with the joy that is the laser pointer, so maybe I shouldn't find this  picture as funny as I do... Oh well :)

So much going on. Don't really have time for posting stuff right now, but I can't accomplish much else in the time I have until I need to go retrieve the Mister from work... Plus if I don't share all these awesome links the file is just going to become completely unmanageable. Look at me, hoarding good links to share with my lovelies! Without further ado, go check out these gems:

*I should mention that my sister-in-law works in hospitality, I don't just randomly verify factoids with her.


Book Review: The Beautiful Indifference

I went through a reading slump this past month. I think my anxiety was just too high for me to really be able to concentrate on anything for long, so I started thumbing through some different short story collections. The Beautiful Indifference by Sarah Hall is one of my favorites.

All the stories are centered around the concept of modern femininity and womanhood. They address love, life, and loss so beautifully. The stories range from the strange friendship between a bookish teenage girl and the local bully and her powerful family to an unsatisfied and stifled housewife's tentative entrance to an exclusive sex club. I was really enchanted with Sarah Hall's ability to make me feel the hollow, aching emotions her character's were experiencing with so few words.

If you're looking for some short stories to tide you over between work and travel this summer, may I strongly suggest these. You won't regret it.