Book Style: A Christmas Carol - Party Looks

A Christmas Carol - Party Look #1

A Christmas Carol - Party Look #2

A Christmas Carol - Party Look #4

A Christmas Carol - Party Look #5

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is the quintessential Christmas novel. I tossed a couple of Carol inspired looks together last year, but this year I decided to take four different editions, each with its own distinct cover style, and create different holiday appropriate looks to use throughout the season. 

Look #1: This started off as a look for a slightly surly teenager. Mostly because that's how I think Scrooge comes off until is epiphany. This particular cover is a 1960 release from Scholastic and I love the traditionalism but decided to go as non-traditional as possible with an outfit fit for drinks with friends or a holiday karaoke session. A modern spin on camo with a floaty skirt keeps the outfit fresh. Toss in a few whimsical accessories and you're good to go. 

Look #2: Gothic glamour is always a good choice for a more formal function. Save this one for that super fancy New Year's Eve party if you like. This look allowed me to play up the more haunting aspects of the story, which is, despite the holiday setting, a ghost story about a man facing his own morality and faults head on. Don't be afraid of black - this time of year it can make you stand out amongst a sea of sequins and jewel tones.

Look #3: This is the perfect outfit for any holiday party. A pretty but not-overexposed dress, shimmery tights, and chic boots are always a winning option. You'll be warm, look cute, and be able to move around. A simple dress lets you play with a more extravagant statement piece like this bib necklace, too. Remember to keep your warm weather accessories coordinated and you're good to go. 

Look #4: Whether you get together with the whole family for Christmas Eve festivities or a Christmas day luncheon, this is the perfect outfit for you. Cozy, simple, and casual. The bright pops of red keep it interesting. And if you're like me, that beanie doesn't leave your head inside or out.

The most important thing to remember about Holiday dressing is to dress in layers or cooler under your outerwear. The more bodies in a room/bar/building and the warmer it gets. Oh, and it's the holidays, don't be afraid of extra sparkle!


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