Link Love: 10.31.14

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"The Uprise Books Project is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through literacy, providing new banned and challenged books to underprivileged teens free of charge. By providing them with new, free banned and challenged literature, we’ll establish the love of reading that will lead to increased literacy, higher rates of college attendance and more lucrative earning potential later in life.
So why focus on banned/challenged books? First, we simply don’t believe in censorship. As the American Library Association says, “Constitutionally protected speech cannot be suppressed solely to protect children or young adults from ideas or images a legislative body believes to be unsuitable for them.” We think that parents have a right and an obligation to monitor their own child’s access to literature they feel might be inappropriate, but they can’t control another child’s access. By banning and challenging books in schools and libraries, though, they’re doing exactly that.
More importantly, we think that the idea that these texts have been banned and challenged will motivate kids to actually read the things. A sixteen-year-old might not care that the Radcliffe Publishing Course called The Great Gatsby the best novel of the 20th century, but his inherent teen sense of rebellion might entice him to pick up a book challenged because of its “language and sexual references.”"


Book Style: Frankenstein


I read once that there are two types of people: Dracula people and Frankenstein people. While I can be found firmly entrenched in the former camp, I do still love the groundbreaking nature of Shelly's novel and the moral questions it radiates that are still relevant today. There's also something about this burning, pulp–style cover that really resonates me me. The big question here was Lady (Dr.) Frankenstein or Lady Frankenstein's Monster? I opted for Lady Frankenstein.

How do we dress or rural lady off to the big city to study medicine? By channeling Katharine Hepburn of course! (When in doubt, always channel Kate) Some sturdy vintage trousers, a bright pop of orange silk for a blouse, and a streamlined waistcoat and "Schoolboy" blazer practically scream academic gentry. A stylish pair of heeled wingtips along with a secret pair of "Bride of Frankenstein" socks and our Lady Frank is ready for her anatomically correct accessories.

A doctor's bag to carry her research, a pair of cufflinks bearing her creation's face, a gold cuff inscribed with the words from Frankenstein, an anatomy-inspired watch, an "Arctic" shackle ring, and a scarf featuring a pair of colorful arctic foxes to keep her warm on her Northern quest will tie this look up.

This is the second time I've tackled Frankenstein. Check out the first round from 2013 here.


Book Style for Book Riot


Book Style is going to be a regular feature over on Book Riot. I'm beyond excited about this. (I'll admit I've applied before to be a contributor and never heard back, so being asked to contribute is huge for me!!!) I'll be doing a monthly link up to my Book Riot posts and still featuring some unique Book Styles here, so no worries.

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I've got some more great stuff coming down the pipeline soon. Stay tuned.