Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello World!

[Rewritten 04.08.2014]

I'm rewriting this little intro to reflect the nature of what my blog has evolved into. When I first started this blog, it was called No Map Provided and was intended to be a general lifestyle blog. I was a newlywed who was still in school and unemployed who needed an outlet. I'd tried to maintain blogs in the past and had failed due to, what I thought, was having to narrow of a scope. So I set no scope except for my likes, life, and interests and set sail. I was much more disciplined and committed to posting and I gained a small following. 

In late January of 2013 I became a bookseller at the amazing Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia. The story of how I stumbled into the perfect profession for me is convoluted and filled with serendipitous happenstance, but is ultimately thanks to Amanda over at Dead White Guys. As I began learning the ropes of bookselling I began incorporating more bookish posts and news into No Map Provided. Then my mister and I up and moved across the country to Seattle, Washington and I was lucky enough (and pimped out enough by Kelly, the owner of Fountain Bookstore) to score a coveted position at Elliott Bay Book Company.

By the Fall of 2013 I had decided that my career would be with books and bookselling in some capacity and the blog was evolving into being purely a book blog. By early 2014 I had changed the name and url to reflect the dominant posting format, Book Styles. If you're reading this now, know that this is not the original introduction post I ever wrote. It was rewritten on the date above when I started deleted older, irrelevant posts, tweaking formatting issues and really investing myself into making this blog something I was proud of again. I'm a bookseller, my best friends are booksellers or publishers and books are kind of my life. (Besides for my furry children and my amazing husband, natch.)