This blog is my personal space to review the books I've read and loved, or maybe didn't like that much. It has also evolved into the home of my personal passion project, Book Style. What is a Book Style? I take inspiration from the cover art and the book content to craft a fashionable outfit, it's the result of my love for great book covers, great visual aesthetics and fashion merging together with my lifelong love for reading. You can also find me (and Book Style) over at Book Riot!

Some Of My Projects

Kisses and Chaos: This Ain't Your Daddy's Baker Street, My Dear Watson
Love and Trash: Run Barefoot
Skull-A-Day: Jelly Filled Cookie Skull
Book Riot test posts as a community contributor: Dorothy Must DieOne Kick
Book Riot


  • Where can I send you my book/galley/promotional material?
6235 SW Burlingame Ave, #111
Portland, Oregon 97239
  • Will you review my book?
I will be happy to read your book. If I don't like it, I may choose not to review it on here as I try to be a kind person (I fail quite often, but I try). If you have asked me to give your book a try and I did like it, I will definitely give it a shout out on my blog.
  • Will you post a review on Goodreads/Amazon?
No. I post my reviews here. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  • Do you get paid to review books?
Do you want to pay me? Outside of professional book review gigs, no.
  • What do you use to make your Book Styles?
Polyvore. My profile with all of my Book Style sets is here.
  • Can I buy the clothing featured in Book Style?
Sure. Just follow the image link to the Polyvore set and follow the item link. I don't choose pieces based on availability or affordability though. I choose the best piece for the book/character/cover in question. 

Still Have Questions?

Contact me here.


  1. Love your blog site and content, Brandi.

    Good to meet and talk with you Friday night before Austin's presentation.

    Keep creating.

    1. Todd, It was lovely chatting with you too! Thanks for being so kind and checking out my blog! So glad that being in Seattle allows me to be surrounded by so many like-minded creative spirits.


“Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”
― Andy Warhol

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