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I'm (kind of, maybe, not really) Famous!

Apparently during my long hiatus from reading, creating, writing, blogging, and basically anything else that wasn't part of my actual day job, I got some amazingly awesome press from, not one, but two stellar publications!

Paste Magazine feature Book Style back at the end of July - right around the time my brain decided a vacation was no longer optional. I was absolutely floored when I heard about it and am still beyond words about how flattering and surreal I find this all. Check out the article and slideshow here.

Then towards the end of September, Mental Floss also gave Book Style a write up! Again, so crazy surreal for me and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that anyone besides for my direct family likes what I do. To me it's a fun hobby that has turned out to be marginally lucrative. So thank you to everyone who's been here since the beginning and clicks on my links! Check out the Mental Floss article here.