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Last Unicorn Tour

Last Unicorn Tour
Justus, Peter S. Beagle, + me (also the debut photo of my shorter than Mia Farrow's haircut)

Last night I had the ultimate pleasure of attending The Last Unicorn Tour when it hit Seattle. My friend (and coworker) Justus and I headed down to the Cinerama after work. I should mention that this is Justus' absolute favorite book. Ever. The evening started with a signing session that we skipped on the advice of our newfound friend, Ashley, who had attended Saturday night's event as well. She advised us to just hop out right before the credits and get in line for the post show signing. So with that reassurance we settled down to enjoy some of Cinerama's epic chocolate popcorn and chat. At 7:30 an amazing question and answer session began which lasted an hour and included some great stories from Peter, the most adorable question from a little girl, a baby signing (for real), and a surprise proposal from an audience member (not to Peter, but to her partner). It was so great. Next we got to watch the film, which is a blast from my childhood and gave me warm fuzzies all over. Finally we got to chat with Peter while he signed my book and Justus' poster and multiple books. I have completely over simplified the whole experience because it really was so grand and I am so glad I decided to go. 


Book Style: The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn #1

The Last Unicorn #2

The Last Unicorn #3

My friend/coworker, Justus, put in a request for a The Last Unicorn Book Style. Peter S. Beagle's epic tale of a lone unicorn who goes in search of her missing kin has gone through several cover designs over the years and most people are at least passingly familiar with the gorgeous animation from the 1982 movie adaptation. I chose three covers to work with and I also restricted myself to non-pants outfits. For starters, I just don't think unicorns would ever wear anything as restrictive and utilitarian as pants and, also, Justus never really wears pants either.

  1. The 40th Anniversary: This look is a little bit preppy and a lot of timeless, menswear style. I think layering a colored button-down underneath a top or dress let's you incorporate color in interesting ways. This slightly creepy, black unicorn ring is my favorite of the bunch.
  2. The 1982 Mass Market: I thought of a pond the minute I saw this skirt, and it works so perfectly with this color scheme. The Essie polish is called "Carnival" which is perfect for this book. The taurus ring and the butterfly watch are both nods to characters in the story also.
  3. The 1968 (Original): This sweatshirt is such a cheeky nod to the whole plot that I couldn't resist. I also decided that these graphic leggings would make a great base layer for a Last Unicorn outfit since her search leads to the sea. The three piece ring is something I'd really like to try but I'm convinced it would feel all weird. The final, perfect touch is this abstract minotaur necklace.