Book Style: The Hell Screen

The Hell Screen

The Hell Screen by I. J. Parker is a detective mystery set in 11th century Japan. I don't know why the combo of Japanese and detective sent me straight to a '70s vibe, but it did. I think a classic cheongsam style blouse (I know it's not Japanese, but I was going for Asian) offsets dark-rinse denim flares wonderfully. Platform, black velvet Dragon heels will be perfect peeking out of the jean's hem. A trench coat is a detective must-have and I love this mustard colored one from Burberry. Some jade and dragon jewelry plays with the rich colors and the theme. Bright leather gloves and a oversized fedora complete the '70s PI look.


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    1. Ugh, I know, right? I'm so over skinny jeans right now but I can't find a pair of real flares/bells that fit and I can afford.


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