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Alice In Wonderland #6

Something a little different today. 

I think I've mentioned my insatiable Alice love before and I'm not alone; the whimsical classics Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have inspired many awesome covers over the years. I whittled down six of my favorites and included a tea cup for the Mad Hatter's tea party with each one. Some highlights from each one:
  1. I love the whole '20s vibe that this cover has. And aren't those heeled Mary Janes ah.maze.ing?
  2. I would wear this every day. The "Drink Me" necklace and White Rabbit ring enhance the playful vibe that starts with the striped tights.
  3. So psychedelic and edgy. 
  4. The most classic of all the looks, what with the blue and white and all. I love the idea of wearing that playful Cheshire Cat ring with a business outfit.
  5. I love these colors together (no really, my kitchen is rapidly headed in this direction) and rompers as evening wear is where it's at. You'll take note that this is the only time I gave in and included and Alice band. Lot's of the Red Queen's roses here, too.
  6. Poppy brights and adorable White Rabbit earrings are perfectly toughened up with the stompin' boots and leather jacket. Perfect for causing a ruckus with the Hatter.

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