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Out of Print Alice pouch // Eat, Drink + Be Alice Duo // Alice in Wonderland heels // Queen for a Day mini skirt
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lithograph // Drink Me mug // Alice recycled corkboard // Disney Alice leggings
Screenprinted Alice sundress // Alice travel poster art print

If you know me, you know I love anything even remotely Alice in Wonderland related. After discovering Out of Print the other week I've been inspired to track down all sorts of Alice related goodies. I'm particularly enamored with the black and white Disney's Alice leggings from Hot Topic (Yes, I know I'm 28, I still like Hot Topic, okay?). I know I've got more freedom in my wardrobe than the average adult since I work at a bookstore; the one dress code rule is "Bottoms are required", seriously, and the reason this even needs to be said had my boss and I laughing so hard. But I think that you could incorporate some Alice, or your favorite book, whatever that may be, into your daily wardrobe. Does anybody else love Alice as much as I do?

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