Book Style: Catch-22

Catch 22

It may be the boredom setting in, now that I've settled in but still have a couple of weeks until I start working, but I thought I'd indulge myself and start a new series: Book Style. I'm going to take some classic and/or eye-catching book covers and create outfits from them. Nothing beats books + fashion! 

First up is Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I decided to play on the military theme and the patriotic color scheme to come up with a modern, street-savvy outfit with some military punch. I'm particularly enamored with the crystal/bullet necklace and the chevron earrings.

Got any books you'd like to see me re-imagine?

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  1. It is one of the funniest books I will ever read. It gets better when you read it a second or a third time as you understand each situation more profoundly. There is a different kind of humor, prevalent in this book - and the non linear narration creates a sort of confusion as you read it for the first time. Once you get a grasp of this book it is amazing. War is a terrible tragedy that can happen and this book takes a satirical view on the whole concept of war much like the "Dr. Strange love" movie.


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