Link Love: 05.03.13

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  • Shockingly, I don't think I've ever raved about my favorite design blog on here. So this is me raving about all the glorious design porn Blood & Champagne offers up. (Plus, how rad is that blog name?) If you ever wanted to get a good feel for my design style, this would be a pretty good way to achieve that dream.
  • Hanna's recent post about letting go and fully expressing herself and her love for life and others really moved me. It's short and sweet and take your breath away lovely.
  • Not really anything groundbreaking, but this list of 9 essential Spring cleaning tips will help motivate you to really declutter your life. (The great purge is still ongoing at casa Bailey, by the way).
  • See this: 
     How cute is she?
  • John Cleese is one of my idols. I may also have a very inappropriate and odd crush on him...but we'll ignore that for now. His advice on creativity is amazing, and I would expect nothing less from a Python alum.
  • I want to do this at work so badly. Or maybe for a Christmas exchange one year! 
  • This woman left her own wedding to cover a breaking news story. I'm not sure if I admire her dedication to her work or her husband's complete respect and understanding for her dedication to her work more. 
  • Gala put together an interesting bit on body language. Something I'm always struggling to work on; I'm such a fidgeter!
  • Lava fascinates me. 
  • When The Guardian, which is in the business of news, backs me up on my whole premise of how watching and reading the news is harmful, I think I may have won my argument.
  • Vintage tattoos photos always make me smile. 
  • This Paris apartment was abandoned just prior to the Nazi invasion and not reopened for another 70 years. Check out some of the priceless finds that were discovered inside.
  • I thought there were some truly excellent quotes and takeaways in this piece on finding fulfillment at through work.
  • Oh, don't mind me, just pimping out the Mister's new blog. He's really quite witty. You may meet a whole new side of me through his eyes.
  • Black Girl Nerds latest podcast on interracial dating was a nice listen. I highly recommend it for anyone who may be in shoes similar to mine or anyone who wants to hear some more discussion on the topic.
  • Still can't get over the magic that seems to happen in this video... I mean how does this man make such great art with what seems like so little effort and some spray paint????
  • One of the saddest things about living in Richmond is the complete lack of access to an Orange Julius. I do believe I need to try out this recipe so I can quench my Julius-hankering thirst.
  • I want a Spineless Classics print so badly. (Anyone who wants to take that hint, I won't stop you.)

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