Link Love: 01.13.13

I found this on Tumblr ages ago. If anyone knows the original source let me know.

  • We all know I love books, right? And what book lover doesn't love her bookstores? Book Riot put together a great list of bookstores in the movies.
  • Speaking of books: Some of the most popular conspiracy theories about literature.
  • Gorgeous, swirly beach art. Just one more thing England has that I'm jealous of.
  • Really fascinating piece on Mark Landis. He's an art forger, super talented, but never once asked for money for his paintings.
  • Need to get a better sleep schedule going? Check out this sleep calculator to start tapping into your natural sleep cycles more.
  • I'm a sucker for human anatomy art, it's the weirdo in me, but these statues are majorly neat.
  • I love jellyfish!
  • Color photos of real life Rosie the Riveters.
  • I have a feeling we might have to visit here someday if the Mister ever finds out this exists.
  • This guy's 12 rules is so mind-blowing for the amount of self-control. It will really get you thinking about the way you manage your own life.
  • Photo series of soldiers before, during, and after combat.

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