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Introverts Unite!

Image via Incidental Comics


Two amazing lady bloggers (Excelsior Lady & Witty Title Here) that I follow have started this amazing project/campaign/thingumabob called Introverts Unite! Now those of you that know me are either going to roll your eyes, because you're sick of hearing me discuss the merits and unique traits associated with my breed, or you're going to vehemently deny that I can possibly be introverted.Well to that second set of individuals, guess what?

Just because I’m an introvert doesn't mean…

  • That I'm shy! - I don't have a shy a bone in my body. And I love to interact and express myself online!
  • That I'm socially awkward! - I'm an introvert, I do not have any form of autism.
  • That I'm stuck up! - I don't talk to people because I don't feel involved or have anything of merit to say, I'm not trying to b snobbish!
  • That I'm insecure! - I'm just as confident as any other twenty-something female! I have my moments, but I am generally very self-assured.
  • That I always want to be alone! - I would go crazy if I never got to socialize.
Being and introvert actually means...
  • That I'm physically and mentally exhausted by social interactions.  - My ability to be flooded by people and noises and continue to enjoy it all has a much smaller time frame than the extroverted majority of the population.
  • That I need "me" time to refuel. - I cannot completely relax unless I'm totally alone. I need my time to read or play a game to just settle my mind a refuel my tank.
  • That I have distinct comfort zones. - I will act much more like myself in places and around people I'm comfortable with. These are people who know the talkative me and who see the softer side of me instead of my type-A defenses and silent demeanor that coworkers and acquaintances experience.

To get your own badge go here!

I thought I'd compile some of my favorite online resources discussing and explaining exactly what an introvert is:


So what about you? How many introverts are in your life? Are you one of them? Are you treated the others nicely? We require solitude and it doesn't mean we don't like you! (My husband had to learn this the hard way when we first started dating!)