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Book Style: The Language Of Bees

The Language Of Bees

I realized as I sat down to get to work on this Book Style for the 9th Mary Russell novel, The Language of Bees, that I really need to do a major reread of everything after Locked Rooms. The details were not nearly as sharp for me as they are for the previous eight books. That being said, what I did remember of this one is superb. Russell and Holmes are back in England and back to the bees when Damien Adler, Holmes' son with The Woman drops in looking a fair bit better than last they saw him, but distressed at the absence of his wife, Yolanda. When Holmes agrees to help Damien track Yolanda down, he and Russell soon find themselves immersed in an insidious plot involving a religious cult and ancient British monuments. Damien's artist community provides a great backdrop for the time spent in London and the ultimate trek up to the Orkney Islands lends so much atmosphere to the story. I personally loved watching Russell and Holmes be more than a bit out of their element with familial concerns. Also, British legend and history for days!

The "Seafarer" jeans are sailor inspired and Russell would probably have found them very useful on her choppy journey to the Orkneys. Practical boots to keep her keep warm and protected over land, air and sea. I topped that red blouse with the lovely draping with a sturdy bomber jacket that could have been borrowed from her pilot. Celtic earrings inspired by the Orkneys, a statement ring inspired by Yolanda's native Shanghai, a cult-inspired bracelet, and a Stonehenge inspired necklace complete the jewelry selection. The final touch is the Jonathan Adler (no relation, I'm sure) horse wallet: A nod to the famous chalk horse and featuring a pattern very reminiscent of a hive.