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Book Style: The God Of The Hive

The God Of The Hive

The God of the Hive is the 10th book by Laurie R. King featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. This one is a continuation of the events that began in The Language of Bees. We have a lot more involvement from Mycroft in this novel than any of the preceding ones and there are also quite a few references to British folklore and mythology sprinkled throughout. Just like in The Language of Bees, I love seeing Russell and Holmes being domesticated by the demands of family, something neither are extremely proficient at.

There isn't a lot of Russell in this outfit, admittedly, but I'm at the 10th book now, and she kind of has a uniform and there are only so many variants on that uniform before I start craving some variety. So, no, I can't really see Russell rocking something so sexy and upscale unless a case called for some undercover work; I fell in love with this watercolor pencil skirt, though, which is the perfect reference to Russell's son-in-law artist, Damien Adler. The Dutch porcelain earrings are meant to conjure up Holmes and Damien's time in Holland whilst Russell is stranded in the forest. A honeycomb necklace was included for the underscoring bee references. That gorgeous "Dark Forest" ring is nod to Russell's harrowing plane crash in, rescue from, and hiatus in the Cumbrian forests with her very own Green Man. The bag is the "Lady Dior Detective Bag". The final touch is the "Granddaughter" bracelet in honor of Russell's very own granddaughter, Estelle, Damien's daughter.