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Book Style: The Game

The Game

I do believe I was issued a personal challenge on this one by Mary Russell herself (@mary_russell over on Twitter). I will admit putting together this Book Style for the 7th Mary Russell, The Game by Laurie R. King, was a bit challenging. Russell spends most of this book pretending to be a boy, first a native and then her own twin brother, so I couldn't pull too much direct inspiration from her wardrobe in the narrative. However, purple being my favorite color, and my own personal love of patterns and Asian accessories, makes this my favorite outfit from the whole series!

This stunning silk jacquard dress causes the mind to start dreaming of exotic locales that the fabric could have been imported from, although hopefully not by the East India Company. Giving the outfit these tall, practical boots is exactly what Russell would want, and they balance the potential dressiness of the dress. The cruise ship bangle starts off Holmes and Russell's journey from Sussex to India, offering up some great comedic moments and a few wonderfully executed red herrings on Ms. King's part. The Dutch East India necklace and Maharaja inspired ring are both nods to the history of the subcontinent and the turmoil that helps set the scene for the novel's plot. A recycled sari scarf is another nod to the native culture and its wardrobe staple, one which Russell never wears, incidentally. The juggler ring is a wink towards the first disguise of the case. Finally, the military coat is a lovely, modernized version of what Russell's twin brother might have worn. ;)