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Book Style: Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast mixed with a healthy dose of Greek mythology. It's gorgeous and unique and rather sadly not the beginning of a series. I wrote about the plot (and my love of several other fractured fairy tale type reads) over on The Ship's (B)log so you go there and read that and we'll stick with the wardrobe over here. (I do hate repeating myself).

This outfit is clearly my vision of how Nix should be dressed. Greek sandals and a gown which calls to mind the elegant draping of an ancient Greek chiton (the Romans wore togas, not the Greeks, something to bear in mind). That door knocker ring is meant to symbolize all the doors in Ignifex's home. I wanted Nix's wedding ring to be impressive and decided a fire opal was a great way to represent one of the elemental hearts: Fire. Water gets a nod with that water crystal necklace, which I am so drooling over. And wind gets attention with the feather ear jewelry, which also serves as a reminder of Nix's bird friend. That Gwen Stefani for OPI nail lacquer is called "In the Morning" which I find very appropriate for a story where night and day dictate so much of the plot's progress. The final touch is Nix's precious dagger, meant for Ignifex's heart, which I included via those killer dagger earrings.

This book is magic. Read it now and come fangirl with me. And Rosamund Hodge - if you're reading this - I want more!