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Book Style: Pirate King

Pirate King

I will admit, Pirate King, the 11th Mary Russell novel by Laurie R. King, is my least favorite. That being said, it is still a must read for setting up the events that follow in the next book. You will also get The Major-General's Song stuck in your head for days on end. (Below is the delightful '80s rewrite that was the first version I ever learned.)

The convoluted plot of this story has Russell being bullied/guilted by Mycroft, who is still angry with her after the ending of The God of the Hive, into taking an undercover job for a film production company. Like many fellow fans, Russell's reaction to Mycroft's reaction left me questioning Ms. King's turn with her character development. I just don't buy that Russell wouldn't get right back in his face. Be that as it may, Russell finds herself playing the role of matron to a flock of giggling, blonde actresses on the set of a movie, about a movie about Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance. Talk about meta. The director of Flytte Films has made a decision to hire a genuine pirate crew for authenticity, a decision that leads to a kidnapping of the entire crew and a, albeit very nice, hostage situation in Morocco. Russell finds herself being forced to deal with it from the inside out. While, like I said, I don't really love Pirate King for the character development or the plot, it is a fun romp and Ms. King does paint a highly romanticized picture of Morocco. Read it just to set yourself up properly for Garment of Shadows.

I tried dressing Russell for this one and failed. Then I tried dressing a flapper/actress for this one and failed. So instead, I decided to dress myself. As gorgeous as that sunset-colored cover is, it makes for some difficult outfitting. Alright, so Morocco references: earrings, "Marrakesh" ring, and that gorgeous-yet-dainty teardrop ring. Pirate was the overall theme I was going for, so I picked a pair of modern, piratey booties and that All Saints "Wasson Pirate" cardigan. I also added in that lust-inducing pirate skull cameo ring. Finally, the nods to Russell's flock of blonde actresses: "Girls on Film" cuff, vintage 1920's beaded cap, and "Blonde on Blonde" nail lacquer.