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Book Style: Justice Hall

Justice Hall

Justice Hall is the sixth book in Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series. This one sets us back into proper chronological order, but there's a reason for the out of sequence O Jerusalem being presented directly prior to this one, we needed to be properly introduced to the Hazr brothers. That's right, Mahmoud and Ali are back. Holmes was right, however, they're not brothers and they're not native to the Middle East; Russell really should have listened to those diphthongs better! The Hughenfort cousins, Marsh and Alistair (we still get to call him Ali) have been called home to England due to issues of inheritance. While Holmes and Russell's involvement originally is that of concerned friends, they quickly uncover a mystery that spans three countries, hidden family secrets and one horrible war.

I present a casual weekend outfit inspired by, my admittedly American idea of, a weekend at an English country estate. You know, very Balmoral, what with hunting and walking and riding and all. I threw in a bit of pizzaz with the military inspired cross-body bag, a nod to Gabriel Hughenfort's service during World War I. The smoking gun necklace will hopefully lead to Marsh's attempted murderer while the pelican ring is an homage to his family motto and symbol. The final touch is that lovely airplane charm bracelet that ties in Gabriel's barn-storming true love.