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Book Style: Garment Of Shadows

Garment Of Shadows

In Garment of Shadows, the 12th and most recent Mary Russell book, by Laurie R. King, we find Russell waking up from the a blow to the head that has led to some retrograde amnesia. She's lost in a foreign city and has no memory of who she is or she got to a North African city. When her natural skills for pick-pocketing, lock picking and self defense kick in, Russell becomes convinced she must belong on the wrong side of the law. This book was a great redemption for me after the fluff of that was Pirate King. Also, the Hazr brothers are back!!!

This seems like the type of outfit I would wear wandering a modern day Moroccan bazaar: Comfy, ladylike layers. The forget-me-knot earrings should be self explanatory, as well as the Moroccan lamp necklace. I had to include a timepiece of some sort with this outfit, as a clock is so central to the plot, and the wrap watch was the perfect fit. The mosaic clutch is a touch blingy for this look, but I love the idea of using a mosaic to convey the idea of a scattered self that amnesia brings on.

So, this is the last Mary Russell that Ms. King has gifted us with. I'll be rereading them all in order to bide the time until the release of Dreaming Spies in February of 2015. And congratulations again, Laurie, on the 20th anniversary of The Beekeeper's Apprentice!!!