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Book Style: The Winter People

The Winter People
Figured I should probably get to this book before Winter was actually completely over. I adore this new book from Jennifer McMahon! It's spooky, thrilling gothic horror set in present day Vermont. The story intertwines two tales of mothers and daughters and what that kind of love actually means. I actually wrote a review for my store's upcoming Booknotes, so we'll just go with it for a little bit of plot summary: 
Sara Harrison Shea died under ghastly circumstances in 1908, mere weeks after the death of her beloved daughter, leaving a haunting legacy behind. Over a century later sisters Ruthie and Fawn  wake to find that their mother, Alice, is mysteriously missing. Joining forces with two suspicious strangers to track down their missing mom, they begin to uncover shocking family secrets - Sara’s and theirs - as well as a tale of twisted motherly devotion. Jennifer McMahon weaves a tale of historical suspense and Gothic horror that seamlessly blends together two, not-so-disparate, tales of mothers and daughters in the small town of West Hall, Vermont.
For this outfit I wanted to dress Ruthie. I chose an outfit appropriate for stomping around a Vermont landscape, including a nice chunky sweater that is reminiscent of Alice's hand-knitted ones (if a bit less loud). The jewelry here tells the real story: A cupcake charm for Ruthie's bakery flashbacks, a spellbook necklace, a ring that looks suspiciously like it could be the metal version of Auntie's,  and a ring reflecting the unending bond between mothers and daughters. I kept everything in the icy winter palette of the cover (which actually shimmers!).

This book is seriously wonderful and I'm recommending it to everybody!