Book Style: Dune


I haven't done a Book Style in forever and a day and my crazy ass decides to start back up with an all brown one. I just really enjoy the Penguin Galaxy Collection and it's the first Dune cover I actually liked! So here's a Dune Book Style for y'all. The general aesthetic is less related to the book and more of a modern desert traveler vibe. 

Let's start with the outfit proper: A Dune shirt designed by Daretown Kindling is a great base layer under a "Melange" open back sweater. I paired them with a pair of sturdy "Paul" chino trousers in a dreamy chocolate brown. Cinch the waist with a tiger-head belt and throw a pair of "Desert" chukka boots on your feet. On your head, a panama style hat will keep all of the elements out of your eyes. 

For the accessories I chose a tooth ring, a Muad'Dib (aka a mouse) necklace, centipede full-finger ring, and a pair of worm earrings. I added a Dune book cover pin and a Kynes' Imperial Teardrop Mark Of Rank pin (I like the idea of doing several of these). Add a pair of "Jessica" sunglasses and a couple of coats of this metallic "Sand" nail lacquer and you'll be all set to save the empire, or grab coffee with friends. 

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