Book Style: Sexy Feminism

Sexy Feminism

Sexy Feminism by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Heather Wood RudĂșlph has been my go-to recommendation for women (and men) trying to dip their toes into women's studies and feminist reading since I first skimmed it a little over a year ago. This time I sat myself down and read it cover to cover, taking time to reflect on the end of chapter questions and action points, and digging my teeth into some of the referred web sites and literature. This time reading Sexy Feminism was a breath of fresh air for my psyche and a warm hug for my soul. I tend to be quiet about my values and beliefs because I grew up surrounded by voices that differed from mine. It's taken me most of my adult life so far to even really come to understand what my own beliefs are on several points. But I do know I believe in the radical idea that women are people who deserve the exact same rights as men. And if you believe women aren't property and shouldn't be denied basic rights because of their gender, then you too are a feminist. Saying it loud and proud is a freeing experience that I recommend to everyone. If even Taylor Swift can learn that feminism does not equal being a misandrist or being unfeminine (although it's totally cool if you want to dress, act, look more masculine) then everyone can get over the media-imposed implication of the word and start embracing it for what it actually is. Read this book. If you still have questions, send them my way. Talking openly about feminism is something I'm embracing.

This Book Style is a bit different, it's not really an outfit just a bunch of awesome lady-power oriented swag. From pro-feminism messages to clothing and jewelry from lady-run and women-friendly companies to products inspired by some of my own personal feminist icons - Lady Gaga, Wonder Woman, Frida Kahlo, the trio behind the Blogcademy (Shauna Haider, Kat Williams, and Gala Darling). Check out my own choices. Find your own. Research companies manufacturing and advertising practices to ensure they are kind to women. Throw your money at small businesses run by women. Read feminist literature. Read books by women. Buy the children in your life books by women and about women. Dress how you want because you want to. Pick a feminist hero; and yeah, they'll probably all have a flaw or two, we're all human after all. 

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