Book Style: Little Women

Little Women

Back to the classics today! You all do know I'm a huge Penguin fan, right? I love seeing all of the different cover series that they come up with. Now stop judging me for being a publisher fangirl and marvel at the beauty of this Penguin Threads cover for Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Just in time for spring with the bright, poppy colors. I'm personally partial to the book and the 1994 film, starring Winona Ryder as Jo, but I do think Katharine Hepburn, who played Jo in the 1933 film embodies Jo's spunk so well. That was the jumping point for the inspiration for today's outfit: A modern twist on Katharine Hepburn! With a modern '40s vibe to the clothing, something Jo would have rocked with panache, I wanted to reference the book through the accessories. The 'sister' ring should be rather obvious, but the piano key earrings are a subtle mention of my second favorite character, Beth, whom we will not speak of at length lest the tears start flowing too freely. And no outfit for Jo would be complete without a reference to her writing - isn't that pen nib necklace so fantastic?

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